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Executive- and Organizational development

Managers need a resource that listens. Someone that stimulates reassessment, who can also work operationally within the organization if needed.

Executive- and Organizational development

Executive- and Organizational development

Christina Lindegren specializes within executive- and organizational development.

The world is changing constantly. Not being on top of the current trends can prove costly. However, having an experienced and discrete sparring partner when you need to stop and think, does not have to be costly. Ask me what I can do, it does not cost anything.
-What does that mean?

“I work together with executives and often with their coworkers in order for them to function and develop optimally within their roles. This means I am standing in the background and follow their work, listen to problems, comments, and give advice for improvements. The firm or organization does not need to be in a state of crisis for me to engage myself, but an external resource is needed when internal friction is experienced, or to promote development.”

-How do you approach your cases?
“I move between every layer and notice what impressions I get. I listen and paints a mental picture of what values and beliefs the business stands for. I dare to speak up about the “difficult” topics, the kind that punctures bubbles, to move forward. In addition, I promote multilateral communication to ensure a greater clarity and participation in the tasks and goals of the organization, as well as for the responsibilities and duties of the staff. Naturally, I am very conscious of the trust given to me, and maintain a high level of discretion.”

-Why do executives need an external advisor and sparring partner?
“Executives who lead the organization, in the middle of change, often need an impartial and observant listener. Someone who can stimulate reassessment, and someone who can delve into the organization operationally, if needed.”

“What characterizes the successful executive? Can you see a pattern?”
“Today, modern executives are incredibly exposed, more expendable in a way. Those who can withstand the storms of great changes, are those who possess a healthy work-life balance. Those who know how to find energy from the world outside the office. In addition, the successful executives dare to ask for help and support, keep qualified advisors near. I am one such advisor, consider me an executive resource.”

–And what is needed in order to be a successful advisor?
“In my opinion, it takes maturity, and versatility for an outsider to be able to assess others’ values, habits and perspectives. Integrity is also a necessary quality. In addition, an interest in the affairs of the world, and being updated on the current issues in society are very useful, and last but not least, a solid and versatile network. My clients value my ability to contribute both strategically and operationally, whatever is needed.”

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