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Ebba Lindegren

Business developer and advisor within innovation and governmental risk capital.


Business development

How does your business model match current societal- and finacial trends?

Advisory on State Risk Capital

Do you have an innovative idea tied to a product or service?


My areas of expertise

Ebba Lindegren can help you with concepts and arrangements tied to the financing of your innovative concept, and with a network of specialists from, for example, fields like…

Smart cities and logistics

ports, airports and stations

Environmental engineering

energy, blue economy and oceans


automotive, aviation and shipping


sustainable and digital finance


new materials, design, smart packaging and recycling


sport technology and innovation

Ebba Lindegren


Is advising- and developing businesses for organizational and corporate clients. Focus is on identifying additional potential in proposed ideas that can lead to public financing or other governmental support.

Ebba Lindegren is an experienced business developer, proficient in investment promotions, and governmental financing. She has been active since 2004 in organizations such as Q-Med, STFI-Packforsk (Innventia), Invest in Sweden Agency (Business Sweden), Saab AB, and the government-owned risk capital fund, Vinnova.

Ebba Lindegren has a Masters’ Degree in Commercial Diplomacy (MACD) from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, USA, as well as a Masters’ Degree in Business & Economics from Uppsala University. With experience from serving on various Boards, she is regularly headhunted to present innovation concepts in Sweden and abroad.

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